Are you a candidate for laser eye correction?

Are you a candidate for laser eye correction?

Laser eye correction is becoming extremely mainstream in today’s life. It provides promising results and helps those who want to get rid of their glasses. There are various criteria before choosing the right candidate; these are as follows:

  • At least 18 years: Since laser eye correction is elective surgery, patients have to be at least 18 years to consent to the surgery. Another important reason that laser eye correction is only offered after 18 years is that vision changes very frequently until this age.
  • Stable vision for the past year: Laser eye correction can only be performed once the person has had stable vision for at least one year. This is especially important because, in myopia, the vision changes continuously during the teenage years.
  • Stable contact lens and eyeglass prescription for 2-3 years: Having a stable contact lens or glass prescription provides an account of stability in one’s vision over a considerable period of time. This is an important factor.
  • No findings/history of active corneal disease
  • No major eye or medical problems: Pre-existing medical conditions such as rheumatologic conditions can disqualify you from getting laser eye correction. At the same time, infections such as conjunctivitis may also pose a threat in getting disqualified for laser eye correction.
  • No significant dry eye: One persistent problem that disqualifies people from getting laser surgery on the eye is dry eye syndrome. It is a serious problem that may cause post-operation hazards, for which reason people with dry eye syndrome cannot undergo this surgery.
  • Not nursing or pregnant: Pregnant women are not eligible for laser eye surgery. So, you must always let your doctor know if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy in the near future. This will allow your doctor to provide an approximate time frame when you can undergo the procedure. While nursing mothers may sometimes be allowed to have the surgery, there are various risks that you must be aware of.
  • Must have eyeglass prescription (within certain limits) by an eye surgeon: There are certain limits to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism that need to be discussed with your doctor before the surgery.

Laser eye correction surgery is a great way to treat your eyes. However, be careful to discuss with your doctor all the terms and conditions before undergoing the procedure.

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