Blue Light – The Great Enemy of Your Child’s Eye

Blue Light The Great Enemy Of Your Child's

Blue light is a part of ROYGBIV. The natural blue light is mainly found in sunlight. The other sources of blue light are digital gadgets like computers, tablets, mobiles, etc. Now, these gadgets are backed by Light Emitting Diode (LED) which emits stronger blue light than natural sources.

No fun in scorching Sun

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A child’s eye is more prone to absorb the high energy and short wavelength rays compared to an adult’s eyes. The harmful blue light can reach the retina very easily. Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage the most sensory part of your child’s eyes. So, being a parent, you need to prohibit your child from playing in the scorching rays of the sun. You will not notice any immediate effect but in the long run, it may affect your child’s eye health.

Gadgets- The enemy under the mask

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Electronic gadgets like laptops or mobile emit artificial blue light. Your child may suffer from the issue of delayed sleep due to the use of these gadgets before bedtime, which influences the circadian rhythm. Changes in circadian rhythm, affect the mental, behavioral and physical health of your child. This in turn changes the daily routine of your child. If this continues for years, it may damage the brain cells in the future.

Also, excessive use of gadgets creates dry eye, headache, and blurring of vision. This may develop refractive power in your little champ’s eye.

Blue light – the friend of myopia

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Myopia is one of the biggest concerns in Singapore. Myopia is prevalent in around 50% of the total population. Along with this, due to the home-based learning procedure, the children are becoming more gadget-oriented. The blue light falls before the retina and eye fatigue worsens with time. The short wavelength ray worsens the condition of near-sightedness too.

So, you can see that blue light is not at all good for your child’s eyes. Hence, you need to take the necessary steps to save your child’s eye. Blue light blocker spectacle lenses are the best choice in this regard. This lens not only acts as a shield for the eye but also alleviates the strain. With these lenses on, your child will enjoy life without falling prey to the harmful blue lights.

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