Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses- The Advanced Armor of Your Eyes

Being tech-savvy, you work for a longer time in front of a computer. At the end of the day, you definitely find your eyes becoming strenuous, tired, dried, and reddish. You may sometimes face the problem of watery eyes too.

The foe – in the form of a friend
The eye issues occurring in ‘digital’ people happen due to constantly looking at the bright light. It paves the path for the harmful blue light to hit the retina, which is the most sensitive part of your eyes. This leads to the development of what we call Age-Related Macular degeneration or AMD.

You can’t get rid of ultraviolets

Ultraviolet, one of the most harmful rays, hits your eye mostly when you are doing some outdoor activity.  According to NEA (National Environment Agency) data, Singapore is exposed to high levels of radiation throughout the year.

Even when you are inside the home, you are not safe from UV radiation, because it is reflected from different surfaces into your eyes. Continuous exposure to ultraviolet results in cataracts, retinal damage, Pterygia (visible growths on the eye), and macular degeneration.

This is truly a matter of great concern and you are definitely thinking about what would be the solution….

The shield on and off-field

The Crizal Blue UV Capture lenses, from the most trusted brand Essilor, are the best shield to protect your eyes from ultraviolet and blue light. Wearing these lenses enables you to work more comfortably than before. As a result, you can reach your goal within a shorter time frame and enhance your work efficiency.

Using these lenses, you are also safeguarded from ultraviolet rays at the time of outdoor activity. If you adopt this lens on a continuous basis, even when you are into indoor activities, it decreases the chances of many eye ailments in the future.

The reinforcement
Crizal Transition another robust shield against the ultraviolet rays as transition carries an inbuilt ultraviolet protective mechanism. Transition lenses become darker when outdoors and remain clear indoors. So, if you are using these lenses for outdoor activity, you do not require additional sunglasses to protect your precious eyes.

Adopt Crizal Blue UV Capture Lens for all indoor and outdoor activities and your eyes will definitely thank you!

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