Essilor Eyezen Lenses – the Unparalleled Shield for ‘Digital’ Eyes

Essilor Eyezen Lenses

The word Eyezen is a combination of two words, eye, and zen. The eye is one of the most valuable parts of our body which helps us to see the beauty of the world, while ‘zen’ means peaceful and calm. That boils down to a peaceful and calm vision of the world.

The Eyezen lens is an anti-fatigue invention, one of the best in the world. Eyezen was introduced by Essilor to alleviate the eye strain that occurs due to excess work with digital gadgets like laptops, tabs, mobile etc. This lens offers great comfort and makes eyes strain-free. This enhances your work efficiency and maintains it for a longer time.

The Ultimate Solution for the Digital Age
Digital gadgets have become a part of our life. We work for a number of hours daily in front of the digital screen and at the end, our eye gets tired. This leads to headache, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, red eyes, and other asthenopic symptoms.

Statistics on the digital gadget affection rate of the Singapore-based population show that 93% of the total population in Singapore uses the internet for more than 7 hours per day (as of 2018).

These people have to deal with tired eyes at the end of the day. But the solution is here….

Eyezen lenses are available with or without prescription to provide ultimate comfort and peace to the eyes. In fact, these lenses have created a comfort zone for all tech-savvy people.

  • It gives relaxation to the eye muscles.
  • It provides sharper vision as Essilor’s very own W.A.V.E. technology is incorporated in this lens.
  • It offers great support due to the incorporation of the extra power zone.
  • It comes with a Light Scan technology which allows only the beneficial Blue Turquoise rays and blocks the harmful blue-violet rays.

Eyezen lens comes with Crizal coating which not only protects your eyes from harmful blue lights but also possesses water and dust repellent qualities. This makes the lens more lucrative to those who are seeking for the best anti-fatigue lens.

Do not miss out on this precious gift for your eyes. Make Eyezen lens a part of your life now!

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