Essilor Stellest Lens – the Ultimate for Myopia Control in Children

When the entire world is busy dealing with Covid-19, let’s tell you something else. Whether the world notices it or not, myopia has taken the shape of a global crisis. Not only children, but young adults are also suffering from shortsightedness.

It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population will become myopic by 2050.

Sounds alarming? Well, you have immense scope to change the future of a child’s vision!
Lenses with advanced technology can save us from this situation. To protect the future of your children’s eyes, gift them the blessings of technological advancement.

The Age of Reformation and the Bliss of Technology
The Stellest lens has been launched in Singapore by the house of the largest spectacle lens brand Essilor. This lens incorporates the H.A.L.T. technology (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) which slows down myopia progression by 67% on average. This is clinically proven and your child will face lesser difficulties compared to other myopic kids, owing to enhanced sharpness of vision.

These new generation myopia control lenses are much more effective than conventional single vision lenses which many children use on a regular basis. The highly myopic children sometimes face lots of impediments due to the weight of the spectacle. Essilor Stellest lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material and is much thinner than the standard plastic lenses. Because of this thin design, it is lighter in weight. Your kids enjoy vision and life at large without any burden on their beautiful faces. Besides, your little one’s looks become more vibrant with these pretty sleek lenses.

The journey from shyness to self-confidence everything lies in the eyes!

Essilor Stellest lenses take minimum time to adjust to your kid’s eyes. If we go by statistics,

  • 94% of children feel at ease with these lenses
  • 100% of children experienced clarity of vision
  • For 91% of children, it took only 3 days to become fully adapted; the number became 100% within 7 days.

Enjoy complete confidence with these durable, lightweight lenses and participate in every activity with complete sharpness of vision!

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