Kodak UV Blue Lenses- The Savior of Your Eye from Blue Light

Does your work include spending long hours before the digital screen, leading to headaches and eye strain? Yes, this is happening due to the prolonged use of electronic gadgets like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.  These gadgets have become an unavoidable part of our lives and nowadays due to COVID-19, we are spending more time on them than before.   

Thy enemy is blue

Electronic gadgets emit harmful blue light and high exposure to these lights for a prolonged period may lead to blurring of vision, eye fatigue, dryness and even sleeping schedule disorder. These lights are also emitted by LED light bulbs. 

Ultraviolet that violates 

Not only blue light, but harmful Ultraviolet from Sunlight can also cause temporary damage to the cornea and conjunctiva. And outdoor activity is not the only thing that exposes you to sunlight. Due to the reflection of sunlight from various objects around us, ultraviolet light reaches us very easily even when we are inside the house.  Long-term exposure to these UV-A and UV-B lights might even lead to cataracts and macular degeneration.

Coated to Protect 

One of the best Optical Lens companies in the world, Kodak has developed UV Blue Lens, the ultimate solution for protecting your eyes. This lens blocks the harmful blue light as well as Ultraviolet rays and cuts down the glare. 

Here are a few reasons why Kodak UV Lens is the best fit for your eyes-

1. Blocks 100% of the Ultraviolet Rays:

Kodak UV Blue Lens blocks 100% of the UV light at 400nm and protects your eyes from the risks related to long-term exposure to UV rays.

2. Filters out High Energy Visible Blue Light (HEV): 

Kodak UV Blue Lenses act as a shield or barrier to the High Energy Visible Blue light emissions leading to reduced eye strain and better focus and productivity of work. 

3. Improved Color Perception:

While filtering out the unfavorable HEV radiations, Kodak UV Lenses also allows the entry of essential low-energy blue light, which helps in better color perception and proper regulation of the circadian rhythm of the sleep cycle. 

Kodak provides efficient lens material and lens coating which gives protection from the glaring rays and actively repels dirt, smut making the lenses more durable. Say no to dry eyes and headaches that accompany your long hours of work.

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