Myopia Control Programme

Myopia can progress rapidly in children, which may lead to high myopia

Start Controlling Your Child’s Myopia Progression From Today!

More and more children are developing myopia at an earlier age. The younger a child develops myopia, the faster it will progress, the higher it becomes.

Even -1.00D of myopia carries an increased risk of vision-threatening complications later in life. As myopia increases, the risks of such complications also significantly increases.

While myopia cannot be reversed, slowing down the rate of myopia progression in children can keep it from getting worse. This can promote better vision now and protect their eye health for the future.

Did you know – It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population will become myopic by 2050?

This is due to: 
– Increased screen time 
– Less time spent outdoors 
– Increased near vision tasks 

Impact of High Myopia:

  • Higher risk of Retinal Detachment  
  • Macular Degeneration in Macula 
  • Higher risk of Glaucoma 
  • Cataract in later-age

What is Myopia Control Programme?

Myopia Control Programme is developed by our experienced eyecare practitioner that not just aims to correct your child’s vision, but to control the fast progression of Myopia with the use of several non-invasive treatment options such as Myopia Control Lenses and Advanced Ophthalmic Lenses.

If your child is suitable, we will prescribe a clinical proven Myopia Control Lenses – Stellest that is capable to slow down myopia progression by 67%* on average.

Just like visiting a Dentist for Orthodontic Braces, you will be seen by us on the 2nd week and every 6 monthly for review. During our programme, we aim to monitor your child’s myopia very closely and we highly recommend that your child comes for the scheduled follow-up on a regular basis.

Also, we conduct phone/video call consultation on a regular basis to keep your child’s habit in check.

Benefits of Myopia Control Programme

  • Best possible vision 
  • Close monitoring 
  • Lesser frequent change of glasses 
  • Non-invasive 

During Your First Visit:

  1. Risk assessment 
    We will ask questions to fully assess and manage risk factors for onset of myopia or myopia progression 
  2. Clinical Test 
    We conduct an eye check to ensure optimal outcomes for your child’s management plan. 
  3. Discuss Treatment Options 
    We will discuss the various treatment options and provide recommendation such as visual environment changes and most suitable solution. 

Our programme is currently recommended to all myopia children of age 8 and above who are: 

  • starting to get myopia 
  • already myopic 

Advanced Myopia Control lenses take minimum time to adjust to your kid’s eyes. In a clinical research conducted by Essilor: 

  • 94% of children feel at ease with these lenses 
  • 100% of children experienced clarity of vision 
  • For 91% of children, it took only 3 days to become fully adapted; the number became 100% within 7 days. 

If your child is suitable, we will prescribe an Advanced Myopia Control lenses – Stellest from Essilor. Based on a 2 years clinical trial conducted by Essilor, the results have shown strong evidence of the lenses’ effectiveness in slowing down myopia progression and promises to be Essilor’s best solution to fight myopia progression in children.

Our programme last for a year and it includes 4 quarterly follow-ups.  Our follow-up includes the following review process: 

  • Review symptoms 
  • Confirm behavioural changes are in place 
  • Unaided vision 
  • Clinical Testing 

The advanced Myopia Control lenses that we prescribe is designed by Essilor – Stellest. It is the most non-invasive option among the other treatment option such as Atropine eyedrop and Contact Lenses. Essilor Stellest lenses is easy to wear and simple. 

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