The Overnight Magic of Ortho K Lenses to Control Myopia in Children

Let’s begin with some statistics about the world of myopia. Myopia or short sightedness is the largest pandemic in the world. Why?

Well, in 2020 the number of myopia-affected people has reached approximately 34 percent of the total world population. That stands for around 2.620 billion people.

It is estimated that this number will rise to 40 percent of the population or 3.361 billion by 2030. Unfortunately, Singapore has become the “Myopia Capital of the world” as 65 % of children and 83% of young adults are myopic.

A modern advancement to help your kid’s eye – Ortho K Lens 

Out of several advanced myopia control lenses, Ortho K is a great choice. This lens can be fitted and adjusted very easily for most of the myopic patients.

Your child will definitely enjoy wearing the lenses as they provide better vision compared to spectacles. This product can be a total replacement for spectacles, which many children find problematic while playing outdoor games.

The promise of great vision without any eye operation

As a parent, you would always love to see your child enjoy the best vision in the world. The Ortho K lens is there to make it happen for sure!

It is not an intraocular lens and hence no surgery will be required to put the lens into your young one’s eyes. It rests on your child’s cornea at night and after removal of the lens in the morning, the vision becomes clear without spectacles.

The end of all worries regarding your child’s eye health

Guardians of a myopic child often worry a lot about this disease progression and how it will hinder normal activities later in life. They always remain worried whether the child would be capable of completing daily tasks.

But you have an effortless solution now!

The Ortho K lens is very easy to insert and remove and hence your little champ can do it very easily.

Now an important question that parents have is- since the lens remains in the eye at the time of sleep at night, will it harm the child’s eye? Rest assured, the answer is a big NO!

This advanced technological lens comprises high oxygen permeable material which does not create hypoxia at night. So, you can remain worry-free about the eye health of your youngster.

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